The Opti O2 team has the necessary technical expertise to succeed and we are actively working to recruit additional talent as we transition into the manufacturing phase of development.

Ruby Ghosh, PhD, is the Company’s founder, Chief Science Officer, President, and Chief Executive Officer.  A Research Associate Professor at Michigan State University, she is the lead inventor of the Company’s oxygen sensing technology. Dr. Ghosh has served as the America's co-chair of the IEEE Sensors meeting, holds two patents, has more than 40 peer-reviewed publications, and has been principal investigator for more than $5 million in funding from the National Science Foundation, the Dept. of Energy, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and Ford Motor Company.

Michael Freeman, PhD, Principal Engineer and Engineering Lead, has extensive hands-on experience with fiber optic systems, fiber and semiconductor lasers, and Raman oscillators and amplifiers. He also has a broad electronics design and embedded computer programming background, and has designed, developed, and brought to market numerous electro-optical systems.

Dean D. Shooltz, PhD, serves as Senior Research Engineer and has primary responsibility for probe design and manufacturing, mechanical engineering and supervising technical staff.  Dr. Shooltz has extensive design and commissioning experience with a range of scientific instrumentation, including the large scale particle detectors used in high-energy particle physics experiments both at Fermilab and at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Reza Loloee, PhD, is a Senior Scientist with extensive experience relating to the growth and characterization of polymers and metallic thin films, as well as the design of optical oxygen and magnetic sensors and scientific instrumentation design and deployment.

Rob Bennett, Mechanical Engineer

Charles McIntire, Data Analyst and Computing Systems Support