Dissolved Oxygen sensors perform a critical role in assessing the quality of water, identifying existing problems in a water supply, and monitoring changes that may signal contaminants entering a water supply system.

Applications for the Opti O2 sensor probe system include:

  • Environmental monitoring – public and private sectors
  • Waste water processors and watershed authorities
  • Aquaculture


  • Of the 16,000 wastewater treatment plants throughout the United States, 14,748 serve 76% of the population. The Opti O2 sensor probe system can help to ensure the quality of both wastewater and storm water prior to discharge into the environment.
  • According to the EPA, there are approximately 153,530 public drinking water systems in the US, with one third of these community water systems subject to water quality testing.
  • Globally, approximately 50% of all seafood for human consumption is raised through aquaculture. In the US, aquaculture has experienced an 8% growth rate in recent year.  The Opti O2 sensor probe system performs well under a variety of aquatic conditions and the 24/7, on-site monitoring will help ensure the effective monitoring of water quality as a way to achieve optimal production.