Opti O2 News

Opti O2, LLC is an ambitious start-up company that has received more than $5 million in grant funding to commercialize an optical dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor probe system that will provide 24/7 measurement of water quality in soil, aquatic and marine environments.

Relying on a patented sensing film, the Opti O2 sensor probe system provides validated and reliable measurements, with the advantage of multi-site monitoring capabilities using a scaleable network of probes and with reduced post-deployment maintenance costs.

Target markets for the Opti O2 sensor include: environmental monitoring; waste water processors and watershed authorities; and aquaculture. The company expects to enter into the commercialization phase of production during the 2021 calendar year.


24/7 Real-time, On-site Monitoring


Multi-site Monitoring Capabilities in Soil, Aquatic and Marine Environments


Reduced Maintenance Costs