Opti O2 has developed and is bringing to market a novel, optical dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor which is applicable across a wide range of industrial applications. Opti O2's patent-pending DO sensor obviates the problems with all other DO sensors currently on the market. The picture below is a photograph of our alpha prototype.


The effectiveness of the Opti O2 technology was determined with a proof-of-concept model which was tested outdoors, in an active Michigan-based aquaculture facility, over all four seasons. During three months of continuous operation, the device was never once cleaned or recalibrated.

The functionality of Opti O2's sensor is based on its sensing film which comprises a novel luminophore and a special oxygen-permeable matrix. The physical principle of operation underlying this technology ensures that the sensor:

  • Functions equally well in liquid and gaseous environments,
  • Can be used repeatedly with no pathways for degradation,
  • Responds only to oxygen,
  • Is shielded from attack by other chemicals,
  • Repels water, and
  • Resists biofouling.

These features make our dissolved oxygen sensor uniquely applicable for continuous 24/7 monitoring applications, especially those in challenging aqueous fluids, such as ones containing common contaminants (CO2, salts, ammonia, surfactants, minerals, animal waste, etc.). Due to the underlying principle of operations of competitive optical DO sensors, they cannot simultaneously satisfy this combination of characteristics.

To support customer needs, our DO sensors incorporate several key features:

  • Ancillary software is available to ‘translate’ the sensor output into actionable information, providing the means to use the sensor in a closed-loop control system without the need for a separate computer.
  • The sensor output can be either analog (typically 4-20 mA) or digital (such as USB, RS485, CANBus, etc.).
  • The shape of the probe can be modified to match available fittings.

Discussions with potential customers suggest that the benefits offered by Opti O2's sensors will provide great benefit to customers in the oil & gas, aquaculture, and beer & wine industries.