About Us

Opti O2 was established in 2011 to provide the world's most robust dissolved oxygen sensors for use in challenging environments. The Company is currently being led by.

Ruby Ghosh, PhD, founder, CSO, and MSU Research Associate Professor, is the lead inventor of the Company’s oxygen sensing technology. Dr. Ghosh has served as the America's co-chair of the IEEE Sensors meeting, holds two patents, has more than 40 peer-reviewed publications, and has been principal investigator for $2.6M in funding from the National Science Foundation, the Dept. of Energy, the MEDC, and Ford.

Opti O2 is seeking to engage an experienced business professional, preferably with strong sales experience, to lead the Company on a full-time basis with strategic guidance from Ghosh and Roston. The team is currently being informally advised by experts in the environmental monitoring field, but the formation of a formal advisory board will await the hiring of this person.